lift machine services

All American Lift Services, LLC
Heavy Equipment Service

Locally Owned and Operated

All American Lift Services is a material handling and heavy equipment service provider. We are Veteran owned company and local to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metro area. All American Lift Services provides a more personal touch in the industry. Our customers are not just a number, they are our extended family.

At All American Lift Services, we provide the best service in the industry. Due to our small infrastructure we are able to save money in many areas. By not having a shop and an office full of employees, our overhead is much lower than the competition, and we like to share the savings with our customers.

Why All American Lift Services?

  • Our labor rate is generally 20% less than the going rate in the industry
  • Our parts pricing has less markup since we do not have a large parts department. We can still get most parts as early as overnight.
  • We provide aid in setting our customers up with a parts locker for their common parts, so customers can buy their parts at 0% markup to stock their own parts. This also saves money in drive time by having the parts on hand.
  • Since we are local to the DFW metro area we can provide quick response times to emergency breakdown calls.
  • We are a locally owned company so our profits are recirculated into the local economy